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Doing the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself is not always the best plan of action. Especially for big houses and jobs that need to be finished in time, your best bet is to really rely on our professional end of tenancy cleaning service. Another thing that you have to remember when hiring professional cleaners is that the price is more or less relative. You have to understand that there are no two venues alike, and while the cleaning company might have a standard list of rates, the final fee you pay for will depend on several factors like the size of the venue itself, the number of fixtures and furniture they need to clean, the value of the pieces they'll be cleaning, and all that. We have a standard rate though, but this is only used as a guide and your final fee is usually different from the initial quote.


Why Cleaning before You Move In/Move Out Is Important

Moving can be exciting but it also entails doing some tedious and boring tasks. Not only do you have to clean your new house but your old one as well. If you were just renting your old home, chances are you would not be able to get your deposit if you leave your home unclean. Of course, nobody would want to live in a new house that's dirty either.


Your Old Home

Clean bedroom

Even if you are too excited to get to your brand new home, you still cannot escape the chore of move out cleaning. Again, your landlord would not give you all your deposit money if do not clean the place before leaving. This is, of course, because he would end up having the place cleaned for the next tenants to move in.

On your part, cleaning your old home can actually benefit you. This will give you a chance to check all drawers and cabinets. If you do it thoroughly, you might even find things which you thought you have lost already. So whether or not you care about getting the deposit, post tenancy cleaning is quite important. Nevertheless, if you don't care about cleaning too you can easily ask us to do the job for you. For a fee, we would be able to do the cleaning efficiently so it would no longer be a burden for you.


Your Brand New Home

End of tenancy cleaned house

It is ideal to clean your new home before you bring in your belongings. Even if your new home is newly constructed, there would be much debris from the construction which you need to get rid of. You would not want your clothes to get dirty when you put them in the cabinet, for example. Aside from sawdust, there would be concrete and sealants all over the place. Of course, you can opt to do this job yourself. But you would need the proper materials to remove the debris neatly without damaging anything. You would also need to know the techniques on how to do this task efficiently and adequately.

That is why your best option would be to hire professionals to handle this part. With this task out of your hands, you would have more time to concentrate on the packing. You would also have more time to say goodbye to friends. You would even have more time to shop for new furniture and to plan out how you want everything to be positioned in your new home. This will make moving less stressful and more exciting as a result.

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