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method - wood for good spray - almond


Wood Surface Cleaner + Polish. Conditions & Revitalize

Non-Toxic. Dusts + Polishes.

made for and by the people against dirty™

Safe for wood, safe for the planet.

This non-toxic cleaner is recommended by four out of five beavers for the way its no-wax formula removes dust+dirt and leaves a fresh almond scent. The fifth beaver? He prefers his own dam cleaner, but did remark that this was good for wood.

Great cleaning comes naturally to us.

This bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic. Never tested on animals. Recycle for good karma.

Made in the USA


Natural, non-toxic glycerine and oleic acid are the secret agents that keep wood so fresh and so clean (did we just blow their cover?). A 100% recycled plastic bottle and DfE-recognised formula get the planet a little closer to being as clean as your wood surfaces.

Glycerin, Naturally Derived Surfactant, Oleic Acid (Naturally Fatty Acid), Non-toxic + Degradable Polishing Agents, Thickener, Fragrance Oil Blend, Preservative (under 0.1%), Water (Purified)

what it is
what it does
why we use it
purified water
non-toxic; safe in environment; widely available
not toxic for people and no skin irritation; biodegrades readily; derived from plant sources
PEG 400 dioleate
polishing and shining agent
derived from oleic acid found in natural oils (palm, olive and coconut oils), safe for people, biodegrades after use
oleic acid
surface conditioner
not toxic for people, not irritating to skin; biodegrades readily; natural component of plant oils
polishing agent
not toxic if ingested, very low skin irritation potential; degrades by hydrolysis in the environment; made from sand and synthetic materials
polyacrylic acid
not toxic if ingested, not irritating to skin or eyes; not bioaccumulative; made from synthetic materials
potassium hydroxide
boost alkalinity, dissolve stains
not toxic in product use; safe in environment; abundant mineral source
fragrance oil blend
free of phthalates and other dirty ingredients, not irritating to skin or toxic in use; partial natural essential oil content, partially synthetic ingredients
stop bacterial growth
safe for people (low skin + eye irritation); biodegrades readily; made from synthetic materials

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